Squirrel Class

Summer 1st - Kingdoms and Castles 


This half term we have been learning about Kingdoms and Castles and focused on the books, ‘The Queen’s Hat’ and ‘The Queen’s Handbag.’ We spoke lots about where the hat and handbag went on their travels and how they got to each new place. We designed our own transport to get them there and even created our own travel stores around different kingdoms. We spoke about London and all of the important landmarks across Great Britain, and we looked at maps and how to use them when travelling.  In Maths we have been focusing on addition and subtraction and looked at using larger numbers to 20! We have been finding more or less using objects and counting accurately to check our answers.

Squirrels have taken part in some very exciting activities including a visit from the Lambs! This helped us with our outdoor learning and we spoke lots about what happens during different season in the year. We also celebrated Mental Health Awareness Week and took part in some lovely calming activities such as yoga and mandala colouring. This has helped us understand how to look after our minds and make sure we know what to do if we are feeling sad or worried.

In RE we have been talking about the importance of the symbol of the cross to Christians. We have been making some beautiful crucifixes of our own and understanding that over Easter time it is a time of hope and happiness. We also made an Easter garden and spoke about other celebrations and traditions that happen at this time of year.

Next half term we will focus on our new topic, ‘Once upon a Story’ and we will be focusing on ‘The Gruffalo’ and ‘The Gingerbread Man.’