From March 8th 2021 we require ALL visitors that enter the school to take a lateral flow test and send the result to our email: or show their NHS text notification on arrival.

Red Deer Class

Red Deer were all happy to be back together again, after being away so long. It wasn't long before we got into the swing of things. The work we did on 'The Boy, Mole, Fox and Horse' was an alternative text that gave us a lot to think about and be grateful for. The artwork the children did alongside was inspirational. They also enjoyed reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and had great fun in Forest School's whittling a wand!

We also welcomed back Mrs Taylor, who were impressed with how many children had developed their flute skills over time.

Next term, we will be starting our World War 1 topic. We will learn about how it was to be in the trenches, how the war progressed and how Europe changed following the Versailles Agreement. The main text will be the fantastic 'War Horse' by Michael Morpurgo. We will be basing our English work around that, doing a balance of fiction and non-fiction writing. There will be another opportunity for Artwork and learning new skills in wallet making using leather and bind threading. In PE we will engaging in Outdoor adventures and Rounders, in hopefully, seasoned good weather.

We will also be continuing with our 'Young Leaders' awards, where the children will be learning new leadership skills leading on to an accredited Archbishop of York Youth Trust award. Keep checking Facebook for pictures!


Mr C.