From March 8th 2021 we require ALL visitors that enter the school to take a lateral flow test and send the result to our email: or show their NHS text notification on arrival.

Red Deer Class

Last term, Red Deer really enjoyed their learning from their topic, ‘Pole to Pole.’ The children were extremely interested to learn about the race to the poles and the crucial part that Robert Falcon Scott played in the exciting, but ultimately fatal journey. We were lucky enough to have a workshop from The Cambridge Polar Museum and the children also were able to live stream a current expedition taking place in the poles! In Science, we delved deeply into our learning about Forces and the children put together amazing presentations to some up their learning. In RE, we were able to explore ‘Faith’ through Christianity and learnt that faith is trusting in something that can’t be proven. Also, in DT, we made wonderful CAMS models based on a scene from our Narnia novel- we even managed to make them work and use saws!

This term, we are really excited to start our new topic of ‘Inspirational People,’ where we will get the opportunity to look at key people that have helped to change the world, such as Nelson Mandela. Furthermore, we are reading Mrs Syer’s favourite book ever: Holes! We are poised to begin working on our Summer Production, which we are really looking forward to after years of Covid and not being able to participate. This year we are going to be performing, ‘Dream On,’ which is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream,’ which Badger class studied in the Spring Term. We are also looking forward to having a special afternoon, where we serve dinner to our parents as part of our DT project! We will be designing our own menus for this and looking at the impact food miles have on the environment. In geography, we will be looking at the impact of Earthquakes and will also be focusing on the geographical differences and similarities to our partner school: Chitipi! In history, we are looking at the slave trade and the huge impact this had on the people of Africa and America. In Art, we will be looking at enhancing our drawing skills and having a go at drawing some African animals. In our RE, we will be looking at resurrection through Christianity and Happiness through Humanism, which should be a great contract. Summer is always an exciting, yet sad term in Red Deer, as we prepare to send off our Year 6 children. But we are sure to make it a memorable one, with residential trips and productions! Keep watching the Facebook page for amazing updates!