Please remember to send in your child's certificates, trophies or medals they have received outside of school to be featured in our school magazine this half term. Please see Mrs Sanders for more details.

Badgers Class

Badgers have had a great first Autumn term learning about the Roaming Romans. We have immersed ourselves in authentic Roman activities, such as whittling,carving butter knives, creating mosaics,weaving and cooking.We even got  to take part in an historical dig of a Roman Villa, where were found actual Roman artefacts!  In History, we have been learning about where the Romans invaded and the impact their invasion had on the UK.. In English, we read Escape From Pompeii, where we wrote imaginative and emotive narratives from a character's perspective. In Maths, we learned how place value works, how to recognise up to 4 digit numbers and even learnt some great ways to partition numbers. In RE, we learnt about why Christian's view Jesus as a Saviour and how this influence impacts their own lives. In PE, we have been working on our passing and receiving skills as well as dribbling. It has been a great term of learning and we look forward to next term when we will be reading Thieves of Ostia in English and we will be creating volcano poetry too. Maths will be working on our key skills of  methods, so that we can add and subtract confidentiality and efficiently.
Our PE Days this term are Monday and Wednesday