Badgers Class

 Badgers have loved their Suffolk Safari topic this term and are looking forward to it continuing next term. We have enjoyed our core text I was a Rat, by Phillip Pullman, where we have written great persuasive and discursive texts. We wrote letters to our headteacher about whether we wanted corporal punishment back in schools and even wrote persuasive posters about the Freak of the week circus show, from our story. We then created Circus green screens to 'sell our circus ticket' to our live audience!
In Maths, we all now have solid methods in places for multiplication & division and recognise length and perimeter of rectilinear and compound shapes. In History, we learnt all about the Victorian Era and how living in that time was different for children from different social classes. We even got to research and create our own class scrapbook about our local history and the Maharajah Duleep Singh and his connections to The Elveden Hall & Queen Victoria. In R.E, we learn about Hinduism and why Hindus believe collecting good Karma is the key to the way they live. Finally, in Art, we created birds in many artistic forms: we sketched continuously, using two hands, charcoal, watercolors and mono printing and even made a bird sculpture!
 Next Term, we are learning more about Queen Victoria and her impact on India through the British Empire and we are writing acrostic, shape and blackout poetry from the beautiful book 'The Lost Words'. In PE, we are swimming again and learning to build stamina and speed in circuits. In RE, we will explore Christianity again and look forward to Easter celebrations.