Red Deer Class

This half-term Red Deer have really enjoyed immersing themselves into the world of Shakespeare! We have loved learning about the dark and torrid tale of Macbeth and have produced some amazing pieces of writing based on the play. In addition, we massively enjoyed our Macbeth workshop on World Book Day- there are some amazing actors and actresses in Red Deer. 


Furthermore, during our topic of South America, we have learnt about the Incredible Incan civilisation and how they even had their own postal service in the 1500s! Furthermore, in Geography, we have learnt about the devastating effects of deforestation and how it is destroying our planet and what we can do to help support our world. We have also been learning about fair trade and where our food travels from. In PE we have loved learning western disco dancing to, 'Cotton Eyed-Joe' a classic dance song from the 90s and we have also enjoyed our Tag Rugby lessons with the coach. 


Next half-term, we hope we will all be back in school and the world will have recovered from this pandemic. We hope to be learning about the wonders of Space and to be reading an age old favourite: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. We will be hoping to do some cricket and rounders in PE and to be learning some new topics in maths. Hope you all have a wonderful Easter and keep well!