Red Deer Class

Red Deer.

This term has flown by and Christmas is nearly upon us. The children have settled in very well and have enjoyed a wide and varied curriculum this term. They have made the most of their time in forest schools, making frame structures and finding artefacts from the past. It's also amazing how far they have come with playing the flute; this will carry on after half term.

Next term, our main topic will be 'Building a Community'. We will be looking at human and physical features of our local environment, evidencing the past to the present. Our focus of study will also be the Suffragette movement and how it was a prominent in our area. There will be a debate about women's rights, where I will pitch the boys against the girls - this will probably get really heated!

In English, we will be reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone and linking this to our Philosophy lessons. From this text we hope to get much narrative writing which we will be putting on display in our classroom. 'The Arrival' by Shaun Tan (one of my favourite authors) will also feature heavily in our English lessons at the beginning of next term. All of our writing will come from pictures and illustrations, so much work on inference and deduction will be required.

In Geography we will be stepping up our map skills. We will be joining the Junior Geographical Society, which will allow us access to Ordinance Survey maps and surveys to help with our local study work. Hopefully, we will be getting some metal detectors in school, as from our recent research we found out that there was much Saxon, Viking and Roman presence in the area. We really hope to find some treasure out there.

Please take a look on the website for more in depth information on our curriculum for the Spring.


Mr C and Mrs Thorndyke.