Fox Class

Foxes have really immersed themselves in their 'Castles' topic this half term. We have read lots of fairy tales including Rapunzel by Bethan Woollvin and Prince Cinders by Babette Cole. We enjoyed acting out parts of the story, drawing story maps and writing our own stories. In maths, we have been practising our number bonds and have been starting to learn about place value. We all enjoyed the outdoor activities to practise our maths and phonics in our well-being garden.

In Science, we have learnt all about animal groups and why they are in those groups. Also, we have been learning about what animals eat and whether they are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores!

In Art, we have loved exploring Paul Klee's work and have even re-created our own artwork in the style of Paul Klee's. We looked carefully at his designs and what colours he used. We can remember lots about his life too! 

The children have been so enthused in History learning about the Battle of Hastings and William the Conqueror. We acted out the Battle of Hastings and I was amazed by the amount the children could remember about it. They were so excited about the topic they wanted to draw pictures of the battle in their spare time and bring in books from home, visit Castles and research information. We are able to now name all the features of Castles confidently.

In RE, we have been learning about the religion Judaism and loved learning about what Jewish families do to celebrate the New Year.


The children's well-being is always a big focus at our school so when they returned to school we used our Worry Monster to discuss any worries we had about coming back to school and the new school rules due to Covid 19. The children have been AMAZING at following these and have all settled back wonderfully.  We cannot wait to explore our next topic after half term which is the 'Great Fire of London'. 


Keep up the good work Foxes!