Fox Class

Spring 1st

Fox Class have had an amazing half-term. We have loved learning about Toys. We really enjoyed reading the story Traction Man and creating our own superheroes and comic strips. In our science lessons, we investigated the best material to keep Traction Man dry. In our topic lessons, we compared old and new toys. We were really lucky to have Miraiker Puppet Company in and share all of her puppets with us. We were detectives and ordered the puppets from oldest to newest based on what they were made from. One of her puppets was over 100 years old! Afterwards, we were able to create our own puppet shows for the class to watch. In our RE lessons, we looked at stories and books that are important in the Hindu faith. We looked at the story of Rama and Sita and retold it using Godly Play.

After the holidays, we will be learning about Oceans. In our literacy lessons, we will be reading the books- Commotion in the Ocean and The Snail and the Whale. In our topic lessons, we will be exploring the Galapagos Islands. In our RE lessons, we will be looking at Teachers and Leaders from a Jewish perspective.