Fox Class

Foxes have really enjoyed our 'Great Fire of London' topic. In English, we created our own firework poetry for Bonfire Night using our senses to help us. This was linked to our science lessons where we explored what body parts are associated with each sense. Also, we read 'Toby and The Great Fire of London' to understand what it felt like to be in London at this time. We role played being Toby and explored how he must have felt and the events that built up on the day when he dropped off his diary to Samuel Pepys. We explored who Samuel Pepys is and why he is significant in retelling the events of the Great Fire of London.

In History, we explored this further by writing down questions that we wanted to find out about the Great Fire of London. We

compared fire- fighting today and the 17th Century. We will learn about fire-fighting during the Great Fire of London and what they used to put out the fire. We even re-enacted using a bucket chain to pretend to put out a fire to understand how the people would have felt. It was very tiring! 

In Art, we used a range of materials to create the London skyline during the Great Fire of London.

In PE, we have had so much fun in P.E doing boogie bounce every Thursday and creating new dance routines in Dance. 

In RE, we have been looking at why Jesus has been given the name 'saviour'. We looked at the Christmas story and why it is so important to Christians. 


We have been working really hard in music practising all of our songs for the nativity that we cannot wait for you to watch! 


Merry Christmas Foxes!


I am looking forward to seeing you after Christmas to launch into our new topic 'Chinese Connection'.