Fox Class

This half term in fox class, we have been learning all about Australia and our Australia immersion day was  amazing!

We started off by listening to a didgeridoo and we had to listen to what sounds it makes. Children then performed an Australian song. After that, children created a range of traditional Australian food which included fairy bread.

In science, we have been learning the names of some of the animals that you would find in Australia. We then decided how we could classify and compare these animals. Our creative lessons looked at aboriginal artwork and we practised our skills to recreate some ourselves. Mrs Mathers even showed us a piece of aboriginal artwork that she had from her time in Australia!

In English, we have been reading lots of different books linked to Australia but our class favourites were "Wombat Stew and Owl Babies". We enjoyed using our Talk4Writing skills to recreate story maps and practise actions to help us remember the stories. During our owl babies lessons, we had a surprise visit from Mummy Owl who came to answer all of our questions that we had planned in the lesson!