Badgers Class

Badgers have had a great term learning about the Romans. We learnt all about where and how they invaded Great Britain and how they made many of the UK’s roads. We also learnt about how they entertained themselves and what they liked to eat! In DT, we made Roman Mosaics and in Science, we even made exploding volcanoes just like Mount Vesuvius! In English, we wrote amazing volcano poetry and enjoyed reading our core text Escape from Pompeii and The Thieves of Ostia. In Maths, we learnt how to regroup and exchange with addition and subtraction and even got to use 3 and 4 digits! In RE, we learnt about Christianity and Islam and who the inspirational people are in these particular faiths.

In Spring term, we move on to another historical era, The Tudors! We will learn all about Henry the VIII and his wives and will read the core text, My Friend Walter by Michael Morpurgo. We hope to explore the Tudor Life in History and in DT make our very own Tudor houses! In Art, we will work on our painting skills to create a Hans Holbein portrait of Henry the VIII. In PE, we will be swimming and dancing (not at the same time though!) Maths will be great, as we will learn new methods for multiplication and divide and even learn how to find fractions of tricky numbers!