Badgers Class

Badgers have had the 'BEST' first half term back at school. We have truly enjoyed our topic The Romans and have produced some excellent work as a result. We have written fabulous recounts and descriptive stories based on our core text Escape from Pompeii and even wrote our own Roman Myths!. In Maths, we have been going back to basics, with counting in 10, 100s and 1000s and we have been learning new mathematical methods using practical resources to support our learning. We have been showing our understanding of maths in 3 different ways: Concrete, pictorial and abstract. In science, we have learnt all about the human diet and what the body needs to survive.We have also learnt about the human body and carried out a bendy bone experiment! In RE, we have learn how Jesus is view by Christians as being their Saviour and we have explored who we view as being our saviour, someone who can save us when we need it the most. At Forest schools, we learnt how to identify our tree species in the woodland and even enjoyed a camp fire with smores and hot chocolate! In PE, we have loved getting active again and Boogie bounce and Athletics have been a great hit. We have all shown resilience and been tough tortoises whilst trying to beat our personal best times in cross country too! We also loved our DT and history lessons, where we made our own Gladiator chariots with real wooden axles and learnt all about the Roman Invasion and Hadrian's Wall.


We are looking forward to carrying on our Roman themed topic into next term, with more fabulous writing tasks, such as Non fiction reports about Pompeii, Volcano poetry and adventure/mystery writing based on our new text 'Thieves of Ostia!' For RE, we will be learning about the religion Islam and discussing why Muslims view Mohammed as the 'seal of all prophets'. In Science, we will be learning all about our muscles and what they do in our body and in Maths we will be learning more on our four operations and solving reasoning problems involving multiplying and dividing.. It will be another great half term of learning for sure!