Badgers Class

Badgers had a fantastic spring term learning. We loved their core text 'The Firework Maker's Daughter' and wrote some excellent extracts full of great language and fronted adverbials. During Shakespeare week, we read the Midsummer Nights Dream and acted out scenes from the play; it was great fun!. We then wrote some brilliant stories about our own mystical fairy realms and at Forest schools soon after, we made our very own fairy and goblin homes of natural materials in the woods. In Maths, we loved learning outside, where we calculated the area of compound shapes we drew on the playground with chalk. In RE, we learnt about Salvation and who Christians believe to be their saviour and then we wrote some reflective poems about John the Baptist. In History, we learnt all about the Shang Dynasty and what was discovered at the tomb of Fu Hao and  even created a 'human timeline' and sketched the Oracle Bones. In PE, we learnt how to balance and create counter & symmetrical balances with our partners on the apparatus and we also practised our swimming strokes in the pool, with most of us achieving 25 m.


In Summer Term, we look forward to learning about the Romans and how they had an historical impact on our country even today. Our core texts are Vajak Paw and Escape to Pompeii, where we will write creatively about Vajak's terrifying journey across Italy and write our own non fiction reports on The Romans. In Maths, we are learning how to add and subtract fractions and recognise decimals. We will also be working on our problem solving and reasoning skills. In Art, we will make Roman Mosaics out of tiles and design our own Roman shields. Finally, in RE we will be learning about the faith Hinduism and what Dharma means to Hindus.