Parent Information

The time has nearly come for us to return to Forest Schools! We are very excited and have
been working really hard to make sure our site is ready for you.
Our Forest days will be every Friday, starting from 11th September 2020, with Badger
Class going first.

For the first half term, Squirrels and Badgers will go on alternate weeks due to COVID

Badger will go on the following Fridays:
21.10.20- This is a Wednesday NOT Friday this week!

Squirrels will go on the following days:

Children must come to school in forest school clothes and it is vital that all children are
dressed appropriately, as we will be going no matter the weather. The only time a session will
be cancelled is if it is deemed too windy or unbearably cold.
Here is an example of a winter kit list:
• Wellies/walking boots. Please remember wellies can be quite slippery and children
will need extra thick socks as they do not keep little feet particularly warm
• Long sleeved tops
• Long sleeves trousers
Company Number: 08327233
Working in Partnership with
Forest Academy.
• Waterproof coat
• Waterproof trousers to go over their clothes or a waterproof all-in-one
• Hat/gloves/scarf
The children will need to come to school dressed in their Forest clothes each Friday morning
and have a packed lunch. Squirrel Class and any Badgers that are entitled to free school
meals can order them from school if you wish. If you choose to have a school lunch please
inform the office who will arrange for your child’s lunch to be made for that half term.
We will leave school at approximately 11:30am and be on the playground ready for
collection at 3.05pm (Squirrels) 3:15pm (Badgers)
We look forward to all the exciting activities ahead!