Helping Your Child to Learn

Parental Partnership




We want to work in partnership with all parents and carers so that your child is happy and successful in school. We ask all parents to sign a Home/School agreement when their child starts at Elveden. Parents are welcome to chat with class teachers informally at the end of the school day or to make appointments if necessary. 


In addition, regular meetings are held with parents to discuss their child’s progress and keep them informed about the curriculum. If at any time you are worried or concerned about your child’s progress, please see the class teacher in the first instance and then the Headteacher if the problem is unresolved.


We also have regular parent information sessions. This is an opportunity to discuss ways to move the schools forward and include parent feedback.






At Elveden  Academy we want all children to learn the value of good time keeping. The children have full days of activities. If they are late, they miss part of the curriculum and this is recorded as an unauthorised absence.


This time is never made up and persistent lateness will affect your child’s progress in school. Help your child to learn the useful habit of arriving on time. This will help them in school and later on in life. We need your child to come to school every day unless they are ill.


If they are too ill to come to school, please telephone us or send an email to the office. If we do not have any explanation of a child’s absence, we mark this as unauthorised, which is known as truancy and can result in a penalty notice. Please also let us know if your child has a medical or dental appointment.


Home Learning

Children attending Elveden  Academy are set regular home learning, with the expectation that it is completed on time and to a high standard. Please refer to our Home Learning policy for full details.



Daily reading
Letters & Sounds practice
Maths games & number practice


Year 1 & 2

Daily reading
Weekly spellings
Letter formation weekly
Maths games
Number practice


Year 3 & 4

Daily reading
Weekly spellings
Alternate weekly comprehension and grammar
Mymaths and number practice


Years 5 & 6

Daily reading
Weekly spellings
Alternate weekly reading comprehension and SpaG
Alternate weeks - a piece of quality writing
Test Base Questions and number practice


All children will be asked to complete a 'creative project' each half term to prepare for the upcoming thematic topic