Governors Statements

Annual Governance Statement for the Governing Body

September 2020


In accordance with the Government’s requirement for all governing bodies, the core strategic functions of Elveden Church of England Primary Academy Governing Body are to:

• Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;

• Hold the Headteachers to account for the educational performance of the school;

• Oversee the financial performance of the school, ensuring value for money;

• Promote the highest possible standards for Safeguarding.


Governance Arrangements

The Governing Body of Elveden Church of England Primary Academy works in partnership with Forest Academy, Brandon, Suffolk. This partnership allows best use of teaching time, resources and expertise in both of the schools, allowing opportunities for mentoring and professional development for all of the staff, both teaching and non-teaching. Equally, it allows the LGB to take a holistic look across the two schools in ensuring appropriate governance, support and challenge.


The LGB for Elveden Church of England Primary Academy is made up of eleven members, the majority nominated by the Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich. There are also 3 Community Governors and 2 parent governor.


The full Governing Body met twice each term, once as a joint Governing Body, with additional meetings held to update the Governors knowledge and understanding of key issues. These included Finance and Health and Safety. There were also regular discussions about building improvements, During 2020-21 this will focus on developments to increase classroom sizes.

There has been regular Governor attendance at the Schools Excellence Officer visits by Governors as well as the undertaking of mandated termly audits.


Attendance of Governors


Governors have a good attendance record. The end of year accounts on the school’s website details the attendance of each individual Governor at these meetings.


The work that we have done on our committees and on the Governing Body.


Over this reporting period the Governors have undertaken several safeguarding training sessions. This includes emerging and current distance learning on the PREVENT strategy. All Governors have been appraised and been provided with the part 1 Keeping Children Safe in Education revisions..


Regular Single Central Records (SCR) audits have been held by the Governors in ensuring our continued commitment in ensuring school, staff and pupil safety and wellbeing. The nominated Governor for safeguarding Rev Tams has attended the appropriate training for Nominated Governors and has experience in School Safeguarding.


The termly SEO visits have been widely attended and allowed Governors the opportunity to become familiar with the School Development Plan and have oversight on the Headteachers and Senior Leadership Team’s delivery of school progress. Attainment targets for the end of Key stage 1 and 2 were also shared and discussed together with the overall assessment of the School against Ofsted Criteria.


The Finance committee met to consider the latest budgetary information and opportunities to examine the schools’ income and expenditure. A monthly update of the budget position is sent to all governors. The school’s budget for 2020/21 has also been considered and agreed. In partnership with Forest Academy a new suite of finance software has been installed to enable more efficient and effective day to day financial management.

The Building & Premises committee met to discuss various issues across both schools to ensure our continued compliance to Health and Safety and school maintenance. The Muga has been completed and following a Government Grant, work is on hand to re-configure parts of the Academy to increase the size of classrooms.

Governors have worked with Headteachers in their performance management reviews for the 2019/20 school year school and personal and to identifying objectives and set targets for 20/21.

Several Governor visits have been undertaken to observe teaching delivery across the Key Stages and reported back to the Governing Body.


Governors have continued to review and agree school policies. This year they have been numerous amendments and additions necessary due to the COVIC19 pandemic.

Future plans for the Governors


The LGB will be working with Headteachers to ensure appropriate succession planning is applied to the school’s staffing forecast and create career pathways for identified talented teachers and staff.



How you can contact the Governing Body

We always welcome suggestions, feedback and ideas from parents – please contact the Chairs of the Governing Body, Lynne Proudlock and Claire Goldstone , via the school office. You can see more about the role of the LGB in the Governors’ section of the school website.


Elveden Church of England Primary Academy Governing Body 2020/21



Committee Membership & Area of Responsibility

Rev. Paul Tams

DBE Governor 

Academy Admissions

Hearings Committee




Finance and risk management

Headteachers Performance Review

Ethos, personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare Ethos

Pupil Premium

Janice Flack

DBE Governor

Academy Admissions Committee

Hearings Committee

Quality of teaching & Learning & Assessment of Pupils Committee

Headteachers Performance Review

Audit Committee

Ethos, personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare Committee



Lisa Bird

Staff Governor

Ethos, personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare



Nikki Gaine

Resigned 06/01/2020

 Parent Governor 


Ethos, personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare


Kelly Barton

 Parent Governor


Finance and Risk Management

Audit Committee