Summer 1st 

We have had an amazing, fun packed and enchanted half-term.  We have loved going on all our ‘Enchanted Adventures’, especially climbing to the top of our own beanstalks and using the outside area as the Giant’s castle.  We enjoyed writing about and making the different lands we would like to find at the top of our beanstalks and we even grew our own beanstalks and grass head creatures.  We were so excited about designing and making our own yummy Gingerbread Men and worked really hard to make our Gingerbread Men look just like our designs.  We also made bridges for the Gingerbread Man to escape on.


While flying on Aladdin’s carpet we described the environment around us and learned to use adjectives in our writing and we used repeating patterns to make our own flying carpets.


In R.E. we have been learning about how we can help others and who we can talk to if we need help.  We have read Jesus’ parable ‘The Good Samaritan’ to support our understanding and we had great fun acting out the story.  We have also been considering why Christians light candles and we made our own lolly-stick people to add to our reflection area, with our candles.  The Super Squirrels have made some amazing golden memories this half-term including making their own mud and clay ‘Wild Things’.


Next half-term our new topic ‘Oceans and the Seaside’ promises to deliver some more exciting learning opportunities.  We will be diving into our topic by peering into ‘Billy’s Bucket’ and making our own lift the flap buckets.  This book will be followed by other exciting books including; Harry by the Seaside, Rainbow Fish, The Night Pirates and The Pirates Next Door to mention a few.  We will also explore lots of non-fiction books to help us learn about all the amazing creatures that live under the sea.  We will be learning about sun and sea safety, making our own under the sea creatures and adding rhythms to some under the sea songs.  In maths we will be exploring capacity, estimating and we will continue using our fantastic problem solving skills.   In RE we will be thinking about what makes every single person unique and precious.  We will discuss who is precious to us and why.


There will be lots of opportunities to further develop children’s speaking and listening skills and we will continue to make lots more golden memories.  We can’t wait to get started Super Squirrels!

Spring 1st
We have really enjoyed our topic of, ‘Africa,’ this half term in Squirrel class. In fact we have enjoyed it so much, we have decided to continue with it for another half term! We have enjoyed reading and watching different, ‘Tinga Tales,’ every week and we have learnt so many amazing facts and created some wonderful art work. In Literacy, we have written predictions about what we think characters are going to say to one another and what we think will happen next in the story. In Maths, we have loved measuring how tall we are against our class giraffe and also doubling the amount of spots on the different leopards! In R.E. we have been thinking all about our wonderful world and what we think is wonderful. We also chatted about how we need to keep our world looking wonderful and made posters to remind everyone how they might do this.


We also had a wonderful visit from, ‘Farm to Fork’ which means we got to try eating lots of different fruits found in Africa.We also spent time discussing what we might need to pack in our suitcase if we were going to visit Africa. We had a special visit from Mrs Rourke, who told us all about her experiences of life in Malawi and we also transformed our classroom into one, just like in Malawi. As part of our Speaking and Listening project, we had a very memorable visit from Miraiker Puppets and loved watching her puppet show of, ‘Jack and the Beanstalk,’ and then were able to use her beautiful, handmade puppets to create our own stories.

Next half term, we will continue to use the Tinga Tales stories to further develop our knowledge about African animals and the continent of Africa.

Week commencing 27th February 2017, will be Book Week and we have chosen the story, ‘Why does Tickbird sit on hippos back?’ Make sure you remember to ask us why he does?! We will have a whole week of fun activities linked to this book, including lots of different challenges and competitions! It promises to be lots of fun and will incorporate lots of opportunities to further develop children’s speaking and listening skills. We will also look forward to inviting you in to share another one of our wonderful class assemblies!

We will lead into learning all about Easter by reading the story of Noah’s Ark and counting the animals into the Ark 2 by 2 and solving some animal related maths problems. We will enjoy making Easter baskets, hats and cards and will end the term with a fabulous Easter egg hunt! There will definitely be lots more opportunities for making even more golden memories in Squirrel class. 

Autumn 2nd Half Term
We have really enjoyed our topic of, ‘Time Travel’ this half term in Squirrel class. It was great fun jumping into our time machine every week, to create even more golden memories!


We began by travelling back millions of years and visited the dinosaurs. It was great fun making our own dinosaur dig and creating our own fossils to discover. We loved reading the story of, ‘The Dinosaur that Pooped the Past,’ and after reading the story, we all thought of our own places that we would like to travel to and enjoyed writing about them. In Outdoor Learning, we created the most fabulous T Rex and Brachiosaurus. We then moved onto visiting the Ice Age, where we all worked together to solve Scrat’s acorn problem. We explored the concept of time and had to predict and then solve the problem of whether or not we collected more acorns when using different timers. It was also great fun exploring ice and using the timers again to see how long it took to melt. After this, we were introduced to, ‘Cave Baby,’ in the Stone Age and got to make Stone Age jewellery and tools.


We then met Charlie Stinky Socks and he took us all the way to Ancient Egypt, where we got to hunt for treasure! Charlie was hunting for ‘The Mummy’s Gold,’ and we had to follow our maps and read the clues to find our own gold, which we loved eating, as our gold turned out to be chocolate, gold coins!


Our final visit in the time machine was to Bethlehem, where we met all of the characters from the Nativity story. We loved retelling the story using puppets and thoroughly enjoyed drawing and writing about our own presents that we wished to take to baby Jesus. We have also made fantastic Christmas cards and we decided to put baby Jesus on the front of our cards to remind everyone that the reason that Christmas is so special, is because it is Jesus’ birthday!

Furthermore, we have enjoyed Parliament week: this was a great opportunity for us to dress up and meet our local MP. It was a fantastic week of patriotic learning, all topped off with our British Icons fancy dress.We have also had Remembrance Day and Christingle- both lovely occasions to visit the beautiful Elveden church. We now cannot wait to perform our, ‘Funky Camel,’ dance at the church as part of the whole school production of, ‘Lights, Camel, Action!’ It has been a fantastic half term!
Next half term, promises to be just as enjoyable as we will be learning all about Africa! We will be reading and watching different, ‘Tinga Tales’ and every week we will focus on a different African animal from the story. We will explore giraffes, monkeys, leopards, lions and elephants. We will also have a visit from, ‘Farm to Fork’ which means we will get to try eating lots of different fruits found in Africa.We will also discuss what we might need to pack in our suitcase if we were going to visit Africa. We also plan to ask Mrs Cunningham and Mrs Rourke about their experiences of life in Malawi and plan to transform our classroom into one, just like in Malawi. As part of our Speaking and Listening project, we will also have a visit from Miraiker Puppets and will enjoy watching a puppet show and then using beautiful, handmade puppets to create our own stories. There will definitely be lots more opportunities for making even more golden memories in Squirrel class.
Autumn 1st Half Term
What a fantastic start to the year in Squirrel Class. The children have all settled in so well and are already making lots of Golden Memories! The Super Squirrels have really enjoyed their new topic of Inside Out. They have loved exploring a different character each week and linking it to their feelings and senses. We have been very busy thinking about our own families and comparing them to Riley’s. We made our own fantastic ‘family islands’ and also designed our own homes. We thoroughly enjoyed reading the stories ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?’ alongside ‘Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you hear?’ and used both of these stories as our basis for exploring our sense of sight and hearing. It was great fun going on listening walks and being blindfolded for our friends to guide us around the playground. In Maths, we have been learning our numbers and practising our counting and we even got to estimate using real sweets! In PE, we have loved exploring all the different games that the Inside Out characters have sent us to play, like Joy’s hats and Anger’s bowls. We were amazing at working as Team Ants to play this. 

In RE, we met Tom and Tessa who told us all about themselves and even helped us to get ready for our Harvest Festival celebrations at the church. One of the biggest highlights this half term was our Storytelling morning with all the Squirrel Class parents. We retold the story of the 3 Little Pigs and also explored many other Traditional Tales. We cannot wait for the next one!



We are so excited to start our new topic in Squirrel Class – it promises to be a fantastic one!

Next half term we will become ‘Time Travellers’ and hop into our time machines to travel back in time. We will begin by travelling back millions of years and visiting the dinosaurs. We will then slowly move forward in time visiting the Ice Age, Cavemen, The Ancient Egyptians and finishing our journey at the birth of Jesus. Every week, we will look at what the world was like at that time and complete activities linked to each theme. This will include; making dinosaur fossils, investigating ice, writing in our cave and looking at the treasures in a pyramid. Books we will be focusing on include, ‘The dinosaur that pooped the past’ ‘Cave baby’ and ‘Sir Charlie Stinky Socks - The Mummy’s Gold.’  We will also be making Christmas cards, Christmas calendars, Christmas hats for Christmas lunch and enjoying our Christmas Party. FUN, FUN FUN! We will also have our first class assembly, so do look out for the date.