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Our first week of next half term is our Festivals and Celebrations week, the children will be learning about Hinduism. After that we will be looking at Norway/Frozen. Everyone will be locating Norway and describing its main features. They will also be looking at climate and making comparisons to life in Britain. During our PE sessions we will be creating dances inspired by the music from the film Frozen. It should be a fun half term. How many times have you watched the film Frozen?


Spring 1st

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Badgers have had an amazing first summer term learning. In Literacy we have written some fabulous stories about the BFG’s journey to London. We all worked hard to improve out writing and as a result produced some wonderful work for the writing wall. In maths, we have become confident in our written and mental methods, but also our knowledge or shape and symmetry has also improved. In RE, we have learnt about the Story of Jesus and what happened when he arrived in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. We re-enacted this prominent scene and pretend we were the people of Jerusalem when Christ arrived. Here, we had to reflect on how we would have felt seeing him for the first time. In P.E, we have been working on our football skills including dribbling and tactical play. Dance has also been exciting as we all became wizards who got to cast spells through our expressive routine!


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Moving into the last term as Badger class, it also be just as exciting but also exhausting as we have production rehearsals and sports day to prepare for. In P.E, we will work on our field and track skills ready for sports and in dance practise our choreographed routines for our play ‘Robin Hood & the Sherwood Hoodies!’ As the topic  itself is Oceans and Seas, in Literacy we will be exploring Polynesian Myths and the story of Moana. Moana is a spirited teenager who sails out on a daring mission to prove herself a master way finder to fulfil her ancestors' unfinished quest. During her journey, Moana meets the once-mighty demi-god Maui, and together, they traverse the open ocean on an action-packed voyage, encountering enormous fiery creatures and impossible odds. It really is an amazing adventure and we are sure to write some amazing explanation and narrative texts as a result. In R.E, we will be exploring Judaism and their Symbols and Religious Expression. In History, we will look at historical sources to make comparisons between Captain James Cook’s ship and traditional Polynesian canoes. We will also learn more about Captain James Cook and how he discovered the Polynesian islands around Motu Nui. Finally in Art, we will explore Polynesian paintings, where they use ink to create a sea turtle in a traditional style. Also here we will create Maui’s latest tattoo which is also linked to the traditional Polynesian myths that we will read about in Literacy. What an amazing year we have had learning together Badgers and what golden memories we have made.


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Spring 2nd

In the summer term, we are continuing on with our Giant topic for a while as we explore the final chapters of the BFG story. Here we will write diaries and role play as the main characters. After that, we will move on to our Enchanted Forest topic with a fabulous immersion day. We will do some creative writing based around a mysterious wood and make some beautiful woodland artwork. In RE, we will be exploring the Kingdom of God for Christianity and in Science we will explore the History of the Lightbulb and learnt about how shadows are formed. Another amazing term of learning ahead!

Spring 1st

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Badgers have had a great half term learning about Africa. We started off our term with an “Amazing Immersion day” where we were introduced to some African Animals and learnt all about the Masai Tribe. We also made some tribal jewellery and warrior shields. It was an extremely creative way to start the term.


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In literacy, we wrote excellent recounts about our Amazing African experience, and have also read the heart-warming story The Butterfly Lion by Michael Mopurgo. It’s a story about a young boy who lived in Africa and rescued a lion cub. From this, we have produced some beautiful pieces of emotive writing!

In maths, we have learnt about fractions and how to find quantities of fractions. We have also been practising time and how to convert time from 12/24 hour. In P.E, we have been playing tag rugby and all the children have tried so hard in the pool during our swimming lessons. In Science we have been learning about African animal habitats and their Food chains and we even got to take our creations home!


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Next term, we will be learning all about Giants and will reading the class story The BFG, by Roald Dahl. We will have a giant-themed immersion day and as part of our book week we will also be learning about Beowulf. In R.E we will be learning about Christianity and asking the question ‘why is the cross more than a symbol of sacrifice for Christians?’. Also we look forward to our Pancake races during the celebrations of Shoves Tuesday. Lots of great learning ahead for badger class where we are sure many golden memories will be made!

Autumn 2nd Half Term

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Badgers have had a great half term learning about World War 2! They immersed themselves in evacuee activities on the first day back and have learnt lots more as the weeks went on.


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In Literacy, they wrote amazing diary entries as evacuees and used some really emotive language to describe their war time experiences. In History, Badgers researched the battle of Dunkirk and then designed their own boat using the best material they could think of. They also learnt about the forces that act upon a boat when in water and used scientific language to evaluate their boats; such as upthrust and gravity. In Maths, Badgers have learnt to tell the time and collected and presented data in different ways. They have also played some fun 'times table' games using playing cards and post its! Great Maths learning! In Art, Badgers sketched authentic WW2 bombers and during their role play sessions they pretended they were news reporters and interviewed evacuees and Royal Air Force Pilots. Finally, in R.E, Christianity was a great topic to explore at this time of year and Badgers learnt lots about the Christmas story and even used AA Route Planner to work out how long Mary and Joseph's journey took to Bethlehem! Next term, Badgers topic will be Africa and they will kick off 2017 with an immersion day where they will learn lots about this amazing country, its animals and its people. They will engage in a, 'hands on,' animal experience and learn all about the Masai tribe. Not only will they find out about these people and their culture but they will create authentic Masai warrior shields and jewellery. A great way to start off a new terms learning! In Science, they will learn about the animals that live on the African plains and recognise the features of the landscape. Here, they will also create an African Habitat in a box and a 3D food chain! For R.E, Badgers will be looking at Hinduism and exploring the Hindus Deities that this religion view as being inspirational. Finally, P.E will be High Netball, as Competitions are looming and also there will be swimming once a week as well. I'm sure you'll agree that there is some fantastic learning ahead Badgers, with lots of golden memories to be made!

Autumn 1st Half Term

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Badgers have had a great first term learning together.  In Maths, we have learnt new methods to help us calculate 3/4 digit numbers and found fractions of quantities using bar models. In Literacy, we have written some fantastic stories based around our topic Inside Out. We also read The Billionaire Boy and wrote amazing newspaper reports about Joe Spud's Fortune! This was a brilliant story with a great moral behind it. The children had to really think about the qualities of a good friend and  we discussed if materialistic things were really more important than friendship. This  friendship theme was also relevant to our RE lessons this term, as we learn about the importance of Reconciliation. The children created their own clay models of what reconciliation meant to them. We had some beautiful creations such as two large hearts entwined and a row of small people holding hands. Great creative learning once again in Badger class. 


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However, the most fun was had in our Science lessons, where we learnt all about the Digestive System. We learnt about its main organs and how food travels around our body. Badgers also learnt about the role that our teeth do when chewing our food and we even made teeth about of egg boxes and intestines out of  ladies tights! All of Badgers really enjoyed these science lesson especially when we got to make pretend poo! 

Next term  we are sure to have lots of fun learning about the Second World War. We kick off our Christmas term with an exciting immersion day at Forest Academy. All the children, Miss Swaine and Mrs Maguire  will dress up as evacuees and spend the day experiencing what life would have been like for children during the Second World War. These golden memories will hopefully help us to write amazing diary entries as evacuees in our Literacy lessons.

In topic, Badgers will be learning about he impact that World War Two had on the people of Britain.  They will also learn about The Home Front,  The Miracle at Dunkirk and make war medals and Anderson Shelters in DT. In RE, our topic is Discipleship, we will examine what this mean to Christians. During our PE lessons we will be learning to dance expressively and play High Five Netball.  In music, the children will be practising their Christmas carols ready for their 'Sing Up' performance at St. Marys school (details to follow next term) and will also be busy rehearsing for our Christmas Nativity.  This will be once again an amazing production about the real meaning of Christmas; but with a Strictly Come Dancing Twist!  What a fun and exciting  way for Badgers to end the year! We look forward to sharing our news with you next term.