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Summer 1st

Posted by on in Red Deer Class

A whirlwind half term has passed by for Red Deer! Our SATs are over (hurray!) and we are swiftly getting ready for our last half term together! This half term we have thoroughly enjoyed our topic of, ‘Enchanted Forests,’ and have particularly loved delving further into the world of Harry Potter. The children have been studying the book, ‘The Chamber of Secrets,’ and have made some fabulous books of different writing styles. We have written newspaper reports, ghost stories, persuasive letters and many more! Our handwriting is also looking rather fabulous these days! In Maths we have been revising our methods and now are feeling very secure in all 4 operations. In our topic lessons we have been studying Beauxbatons in French, Electricity in Science, Hinduism in RE, making fabulous house-elf socks in DT, Geocaching in Geography and also looking at the solar system! Year 6 had a wonderful trip to the cinema and all the children also enjoyed a wonderful day at Forest for their Immersion day.red deer 1 Medium

red deer 2 MediumNext half term, there is much planned for our wonderful children! We have a trip to the seaside for KS2, our summer production of, ‘Robin and his Sherwood Hoodies,’ an exciting topic of, ‘Adventures on the Ocean,’ and our usual leaver’s assemblies and treats. Lots to look forward to, but also a half term of anticipation for Year 6 as we get them ready for their next step into the big wide world. Let’s make it our best half term yet!

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Spring 1st

Posted by on in Red Deer Class

This half term has been yet another busy one for Red Deer children. Whilst we are ramping up our Maths and Literacy skills ready for the impending SATs tests for Year 6, we have also managed to squeeze in some fun and engaging learning too.

 We have thoroughly enjoyed our topic of Africa so far, so much so that we are continuing with it in Spring 2! In Literacy, we have written some fantastic African poems and really focussed on our figurative language. We have also been creating some fantastic pieces of narrative based on our book of, ‘The White Giraffe,’ which are well worth a read.africa Medium

In Maths, we have been exploring place value, long multiplication, long division, decimals and fractions. We are now super mathematicians and are very much enjoying choosing our own challenges, which enables us to further our learning and get that extra support if necessary.

In our Africa topic, we have been studying the geographical make up of Africa with the deserts, rainforests etc. We have also been looking at the Nomadic lifestyle of the Maasai people and how this compares with our lifestyle.

We were also lucky enough to have the World of Puppets in and had a puppet show and got to play with puppets from all around the world!miraker Medium

Next half term, we will be continuing with our Africa topic and will be delving further into the African animals. We will also be looking at traditional African tales and celebrating Myths and Legends in our book week. 

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Autumn in Red Deer Class

Posted by on in Red Deer Class

This half term has been another jam-packed one for Red Deer. We have greatly enjoyed our topic of World War 1 and have learnt a lot through making our war medals, our poppy homework, learning the WW1 songs and making timelines of the pivotal events. It was very tricky to understand why WW1 happened, but the children managed to grasp this with a fantastic maturity. Our Immersion day was a huge success with the children making patriotic friendship bracelets, WW1 biscuits, doing some wonderful drama activities and drills outside with Mr Baxter.

guitarsIn addition, we have continued with swimming and now have all children swimming in the big pool- a huge achievement! We have also continued with our guitars and have learnt lots of amazing songs such as, ‘Mama Mia,’ and, ‘Shark.’ Furthermore, the children have had Parliament week: this was a great opportunity for Red Deer to learn about the Suffragettes, meet and question their MP and even meet a Magistrate! It was a fantastic week of patriotic learning, all topped off with our British Icons fancy dress.  We have also had Remembrance Day and Christingle- both lovely occasions to visit the beautiful Elveden church.parliment

We have absolutely thrown ourselves into our production of, ‘Lights, Camel, Action!’ The children have had some great dances to learn and have been lucky enough to have Lindsey in- a professional dance teacher. We are very excited to show the parents.

Next half term, we will be immersing ourselves in Africa! In Red Deer we will be making African masks out of clay, learning all about the Maasai tribe of Kenya and looking at famous landmarks in Africa. We will be comparing and contrasting the geographical features of Kenya to our own country of Great Britain. Also, we will be studying and writing our own African Folk Tales! We will be making our own African shelters in our Forest school areas- just like that of the Maasai! In addition to this, we have lots of fantastic Big Solves for the children to get stuck into and of course- lots more guitar playing! Spring 1 promises to be a really exciting half term. 

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Jam Packed Half Term

Posted by on in Red Deer Class

This half term has been absolutely non-stop for us in Red Deer class. We have been practising very hard for our upcoming performance and have turned our school hall into the most marvellous enchanted wood! We hope you all have your tickets to see, ‘Dream On!’ It promises to be a wonderful evening for all.

 In addition to this, we have had archery, cricket lessons, many mad games of rounders and a fantastic sports day organised by Mrs Maguire. There was a great variety of competitive and family group races and the snapping of the rope in the parents tug-of-war was quite a sight to behold! What wonderful parents we have! A great half term for sports all round!

 The children have had lots of trips to various high schools for Science days which has given them great transition opportunities. Furthermore to this, Year 6 have been getting ready for their leaver’s assembly which promises to be quite the tear jerker. We were lucky enough to participate in the Agincourt 500 project organised by Miss Keeble and Miss O’Sullivan following their Agincourt trip earlier in the year- it gave the children a great opportunity to expand their history knowledge. Another real highlight for us in Red Deer was being able to participate in the, ‘Young Voices,’ project which was an exciting dramatic and singing experience! The children- in usual Elveden style- were amazing!

Transition day went by without a hitch and the new Red Deer cohort thoroughly enjoyed getting settled in their new class. We are very much looking forward to next year!

As much fun as has been had, it is coming up to an emotional time of year and we will greatly miss our fantastic year 6s. They have been the most wonderful cohort of children and have provided the Elveden teaching staff with many a humorous memory. We wish them all the luck in the world and know they will achieve in all they do. 

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Summer 1st

Posted by on in Red Deer Class

Red Deer summer 1 Medium

Where do we begin? It has been a manic half term here in Red Deer. We met the SATs head on at the beginning of May and are keeping our fingers crossed for the results. The children tried their very best and we are so proud of them as a class.

In Maths, we have been covering all of our bases and have focussed on fractions, percentages of numbers and amounts, long division and long multiplication. Very tricky stuff! In Literacy, we have got thoroughly lost in the magical tales of Harry Potter. The children have been truly inspired by the spells, story and wonderful writing of J.K. Rowling. The children produced some ghoulish ghost stories based on the Hogwarts ghosts, which are proudly displayed on our Harry Potter display. We have also honed our poetry skills and have produced some amazing poems. Our topic for the afternoons has been London and the children have really enjoyed getting to know our capital city. In Geography, they have looked at the intricate workings of the London Underground and planned out routes- which will be a real life skill! They also produced some powerful Pop Art in the style of Andy Warhol, focussing on the landmarks of London. In Music, they have been learning pentatonic scales and have been getting hands on with the instruments. In R.E, we have been looking at Eucharist and the way Christians worship; as a church school it was rather enlightening. In our Science, we have been recapping all of the Science from KS2, making sure our Year six children shine in their Science classes when they progress to high school.

In addition to all of this joy, we have also had two Harry Potter themed days (making potions, wands, baking and playing Quidditch), a thoroughly successful bake sale, a morning bowling, a trip to Warner Brother studios, a book fayre, paired reading and lots of sunny afternoons learning outside. Not a bad half term to be in Red Deer!Red Deer Summer 1 a Medium

Next half term, more joy awaits! We will be delving into the Olympics and the rainforests of Rio! In Science, we will be looking at the rainforest, how to classify animals and studying the awe inspiring animal behaviourist- Sir David Attenborough! In History, we are looking at the long legacy of the Olympics, the fantastic pottery of the Greeks and the legend of the great Olympic sport- the Marathon. In Art, we are very excited to make carnival masks and look at the traditions of this year’s Olympic hosts: Rio. In Music, we are thrilled to be putting on the production of, ‘Dream On,’ based on Shakespeare’s wonderful, ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream,’ which will give a real opportunity for the budding actresses and actors to shine. In R.E, we will be looking at the study of Buddhism and looking at the organisation of Buddhist communities and the rules by which they live their lives. All in all, it will be another mad, but thoroughly exciting half term in Red Deer!

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